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Is someone stealing your installed base?

The Problem: When a company is not focusing on service and maintenance, it may be losing both aftersales and new build business as a result.

An old, traditional, industrial business with a global installed base of several thousand technically complex products experienced lacking sales due to a reactive and unstructured service business. The company focused on selling spare parts only to a few clients, with no service agreements and no control over their installed base. The company wanted to take back ownership, sell services, and rebuild relationships, while simultaneously selling new builds with thought-through service agreements.

The Solution: A three-step approach to efficiently establish a strong market presence with clear offerings and improved sales management.

The company brought SLG.Consulting on board to assist in finding a way to increase service sales. The business status, including offering, sales methodology, client perspectives, and markets, were analysed, resulting in a three-step framework to reach this goal.

The solution consisted of:

  1. Development of Specific Service Offering, clearly answering client's needs and bringing enhanced and tangible value.

  2. Sales Training and Coaching Globally, both physically and remotely, on the new offerings.

  3. Operationalize, which included structuring the organization as well as the processes to efficiently deliver service contracts.

The Result: Aftermarket sales tripled, client relationships renewed, and more service agreements were sold together with new builds.

As a result of implementing the suggested framework, the outcome was excellent: the aftermarket sales tripled while maintaining high margins, and the company re-established relationships with previous clients.


SLG.Consulting combines Leadership Development with Operational Excellence to Make You Lead. In the case above, we helped develop a new offering, train leadership, and operationalize the offering to both increase the service business, rebuild client relationships, and as an end result, sell more services and new builds with service agreements.


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